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Saffron, 27 Oct 2020

I’ve only had one bad order from this shop but I wouldn’t let it put me off because the quality is top notch the rest of the time. Absolutely love it.

Cassandra, 27 Oct 2020


Saffron, 26 Oct 2020

I love your food. Best pizza around. Never had a bad meal <3

Maia, 25 Oct 2020

really nice meal, it was ready to pick up at the stated time. I look forward ro my next meal,

Mick, 21 Oct 2020

Perfect thanks

Paul, 11 Oct 2020

Very good

David, 09 Oct 2020

Very good

David, 09 Oct 2020

This is my favourite takeaway in town!

Alistair, 08 Oct 2020


Shannon, 26 Sep 2020

Little bit of plastic within the pizza topping.

Kellyanne, 25 Sep 2020

We really enjoy getting a takeaway from here, most of the food is delicious. Only issue is that the pizza base is sweet? We don't like this at all which is a real shame for ordering and I'm reeeeaaaallly not a fan of the chilly sauce which is also over sweetened..... Loving the rest though! But if these teeny things were different it would be our absolute favourite takeaway

Ruth, 21 Sep 2020

Best Place in orkney for an Indian meal

Mike, 19 Sep 2020

Love it

Sian, 16 Sep 2020

good food

Fiona, 12 Sep 2020


Kevin, 19 Jul 2020

Great place, always good food

Mr B A Smith, 18 Jul 2020

Very good currys.

Doreen, 17 Jul 2020

Good value, good service, looking forward to being able to dine in again.

Mike, 14 Jul 2020

1st time i have used the online order - so easy to pick and loads of choice, we came and picked it up at arranged time , really nice food . we will use this again and hopefully will be in for a meal when your seated area re opens. Thanks .

Mick, 12 Jul 2020


Food is spot on, shame about delivery as you state its free but second time now I've had the taxi driver try and charge me 4pound when you state its free..

Darryl, 11 Jul 2020

Always delicious! Thanks to the chef and the rest of the team! :)

Andrea, 10 Jul 2020

Grand meal, every time!

Douglas, 28 Jun 2020

Delicious food delivered quickly and hot!

Rhona, 21 Jun 2020


Sinead, 28 Apr 2020

First time I have ordered online. So easy, great addition.

Allan, 12 Jul 2019